Friday, November 22, 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving Beer Exploits, and Oh Hey, Also Feminism Just Because

Tin Roof's new seasonal out in cans
I started a new column for Propaganda New Orleans, called "Hopaganda" (see what I did there?) and I'm really excited about working with them. It'll be a much more laid back style of writing, maybe like one step up from this blog in tone, but a step down from the informational, interview-heavy reporting that I have been focusing on. This column focuses on my memories and thoughts about the beer scene here as a New Orleans transplant back in 2010.

New Belgium's winter seasonal, Accumulation IPA, at Dat Dog, Magazine St.

My regular Gambit "Brewsday Tuesday" column takes a look at Tin Roof Brewing, three years after they burst on the scene. They've grown a LOT in those three years and it was a lot of fun to get behind the scenes there. I hadn't visited their brewery in Baton Rouge at all, so it was great that I was finally able to go. Funny story, I also went to a Tin Roof beer dinner last week (covered in depth in the linked article above) and met a super nice wine guy named Tim McNally, who seemed to really dig on the concept of pairing beer with food. It was very cool to see him really start appreciating it. He also wrote this post in lieu of his regular wine column on Louisiana beer and the brewing culture.

This week I've finally gotten moving on something I've been meaning to do for like a year now - start a Girls Pint Out chapter in New Orleans. The national director set up a Facebook page and Twitter account for it, and I'm hoping to get a few more "likes" and "follows" before announcing the first get together - so go follow it on whatever social media you dig on! And stay tuned for opportunities to get together with other awesome beer drinking women!

Speaking of ladies and beer, I liked this piece that focused on several aspects of women in the beer world - a Girls Pint Out chapter, lady brewers, the crappy way women are portrayed by the Coors-Miller-Bud in their advertising, as well as their sexist attempts to (unsuccessfully) sell us "girly" beer like Lime-A-Rita or some such.

Also, this is off topic regarding beer, but it's on topic regarding feminism and writing (which are 2 of the 3 things that rule my life right now, beer being the third, of course) so I thought I'd share this overview of a women's blogging world that is meant to support the work of the Feministing blog.

Yeah, I know that one was random, but it was a link that intrigued me this week.

Back to beer!

Back to beer! One of my favorite beer writers (who is also a lady), Ashley "Beer Wench" Routson published a great piece about various beer professionals' Thanksgiving traditions. It's a fun read. In other Thanksgiving beer news, allegedly there should be some Thanksgiving beer pairing recommendations in Whole Foods that I made (along with the other "Beer Geeks" that are participating). So, keep a look out and send me a picture if you see anything!

In local brewery and blogger news, Eric Ducote of the BR (Baton Rouge) Beer Scene reports that Parish Brewing's second vintage of their Grand Reserve Barleywine will be released at the brewery on December 14, with retail accounts following suit shortly thereafter.

I think that's all I've got for now - next week will be a guest column that will publish on Monday the 25th, so well before Turkey Day and related travelling and anxiety. Tom and I are actually going to Domenica for a Thanksgiving dinner that will be paired with various beers. I'm excited! Happy and safe holidays, y'all.

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