Pre-Christmas Links

My Christmas gift to you is lots of interesting articles about beer!

Bayou Teche's Karlos Knott sitting behind a pint glass full of cracklins, because why not.

My Brewsday Tuesday article is about the upcoming New Years Eve Bayou Teche beer dinner at Crescent Pie and Sausage. Both Bayou Teche and Bart Bell from CP&S are very like minded when it comes to honoring the heritage and flavors of Cajun cuisine, so this is a great combination. Note: although I was told the price in the article by Bart last week, it appears that it has been increased to $75 in the meantime, according to the Facebook event posted today.

I also wrote an article for Propaganda NOLA about warm weather winter beers.

There's a new beer column in town! Sam Nelson has done a few articles for the NOLA Defender. Here's one about the romance behind Courtyard Brewing (coming to the LGD in the spring,) one on locally brewed new stouts. and his most recent one about Peter Caddoo of NOLA Brewing's love of beer and beer by-products (that's a fun read, heh.) I just met Sam at my first Where Y'At writers meeting, and he's doing a great job with his choice of topics and his writing. He's got a great writing voice as well. Whoo hoo, more local beer coverage!

Did we know that Great Raft in Shreveport has opened its tap room and it's been insanely busy from the get go? Also, Gnarly Beer up in Hammond just released their website in anticipation of their opening, which should hopefully be right after Mardi Gras. In the meantime, though, the website is lovely.

In beer biz news, craft beer has put a bunch of money into the economy! Also, some folks are freaking out about a potential craft beer bubble.

Over in Belgium, it appears that monks who are brewing Trappist beer are not signing up at the monasteries as they did in past century, and Orval is getting perilously close to shutting down. Orval also just hired a woman brewer who is not a monk. I am unsure how these two pieces of information intersect, though.

Speaking of ladies and beer (and when am I not??) this article about women in the beer world is excellent. It also discusses and links to organizations like Girls Pints Out, Pink Boots Society, and Women Enjoying Beer.

Germany hopes to have its 1516 Reinheitsgebot Purity Beer Law enshrined by the UNESCO World Heritage.

Tis the time of year for top 10 lists! Top 10 IPAs chosen by a random panel of beer nerds. Closer to home, The Ale Runner puts up his top 10 - I mean, 13 - Louisiana beers of the year.

Oh! I saw cans of NOLA Brewing's Irish Channel Stout out in the wild at Stein's this weekend! YAY.

I shall be in the wilds of Columbus this week for the Christmas holiday, freezing my chestnuts off. While I kind of hope to do a Columbus blog post or two, I may be so busy drinking to stay warm and enjoy my family at optimum levels that it may not happen.

Happy holidays to you all!