Friday, December 13, 2013

Tis the season for links & stuff

Winter beers are still my bread & butter right now: check out my writeup on the Alcohol Professor. I'm pretty sure next week I'll have yet another one published online. For my weekly Gambit column, I discussed Parish Brewing's upcoming Grand Reserve Barleywine release.

I went to visit Bayou Teche's brewery this weekend, which was super fun!

The Girls' Pint Out night was a super success, had about 20 or so ladies hanging out, drinking beer, and chatting at the Avenue Pub. Stay tuned on the social media to hear about the next one! Facebook and Twitter. Dudes can hang out too. Just don't be THAT GUY, using it as like a pickup joint.

One of the GPO attendees, Laura McKnight, did a writeup of the upcoming Bayou Teche boucherie and release of their Belgian stout, Loup Garou. It's at the Avenue Pub on Sunday afternoon.

In other non-news news, people are drinking less crap-ass beer and other people are completely insane about getting rare beers, creating a black market.

I know this was a bit short this week, but I have deadlines for all sorts of magazines between now and early January so I need to get back to writing all that.

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