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North Shore Shenanigans

For the last week or so, ever since returning from NYC/Savor (with the exception of my wild WYES weekend) I've been working on a story for a lovely local magazine called Inside Northside, which focuses on Northshore business, art, and lifestyle. This means several trips up to Mandeville, Covington, Slidell, and Hammond over the last week or so.

A Blogger Blogs

Starting on week 2 of my new adventure of writing professionally about beer full time, I've realized that I need to keep sharing this stuff here. Sure, I've got the Brewsday Tuesday column in the Gambit, and the Southern Brew News column starting in August, and several other irons in the fire. But this blog is where I can express myself in a relatively uncensored fashion and write about anything and everything I want to.

Post & Run

Good morning, beer peeps!

I'm out the door to head up to the Northshore, but I wanted to share a couple things:

WYES this week! A chance to win free tickets TONIGHT!

This Friday and Saturday are the WYES fundraising beer events: Friday's Private Beer Sampling and Saturday's International Beer Festival.

Louisiana REPRESENT!

I'm pretty excited about having been able to promote the Louisiana Craft Beer Collective in this week's Gambit column along with the Louisiana Craft Brewer Week and the Louisiana Brewery Trail.

In other Louisiana brewery news,

Louisiana Craft Brewer Week -September 23-29, 2013.

Awesome news! I know that the LA Craft Brewers Guild has been working to get this resolution passed by the LA Legislature for a while- I think this will be huge to promote local craft beer as well as indicating that we do have support on the state level. That's huge! Here's the deets:

Interesting news from Abita Springs

I was talking to Keith Pumila and Leo Basile of Abita at the beer share held at NOLA Brewing on Saturday (THAT is an entirely different blog post which will be published sometime this week) and got the scoop on a couple of new beers.