Links and Carnival Contest!

 Happy Carnival, y'all!

First, the contest. No, wait, first, the apology for letting too much time lapse between blog updates. I've had a lot of deadlines and doing any writing that I absolutely didn't NEED to do was not at the top of my list...

OK, now the contest. I have a pair of tickets to the NOLA Eats New Orleans King Cake Tasting on February 1 at the Little Gem Saloon. And all you need to win them is to visit my Facebook page and leave a comment on the contest post with the perfect beer to pair with king cake. The beer should be available to purchase in New Orleans, and you can be as specific or general with what kind of king cake you're looking to pair your beer choice with.

I'm the sole judge, but I can definitely be swayed by "likes" on your contest entry. Share as many ideas as you'd like! Contest winner will be announced Monday, January 20.

Onto the all important links!

Tried Alabama brewery collaboration - Fairhope and Druid City -
called Son of a Peacherman. (Dark saison with fresh peaches)

Wow, it's been three weeks since I shared a Brewsday Tuesday update!  Well, I discussed what lies ahead for the New Orleans and Louisiana beer scene. And I mused about cask/real ale, since an actual real British cask will be on at the Avenue Pub tomorrow night (Friday, 1/17). And this week, to celebrate Terrapin Brewing's release in the state, I reported on that as well as the announcement that the Old Rail brewpub on the northshore will be collaborating on a beer with them!

In other news, Todd Price and Laura McKnight are kicking all kinds of ass with beer reporting over at These are a couple weeks old now, but I loved McKnight's coverage of the new Girls' Pint Out chapter in New Orleans, as well as her coverage of the release of the NOLA Brewing/New Belgium collaboration, Chicory Blackstrap Milk Stout. Price did a great job profiling last week;s Purloo beer dinner (which I actually splurged on and attended last week).  Loving seeing all the local beer writing!

Speaking of, are you all reading Sam Nelson's weekly beer column in the NOLA Defender? My favorite from the last couple weeks was this profile of new brewpub-to-be Neutral Ground, who will be providing the beer for a Dinner Lab dinner this Friday. I'm on the wait list for that, but I don't know if I'll be able to get in, sadly. Fingers crossed!

Also, I know that I gave mad props to Great Raft Brewing for all their marketing and newsworthiness and such a couple weeks ago, but then Lindsay Nations, co-founder of the brewery, wrote a great article about New Year's beer resolutions in Shreveport's bi-weekly arts & entertainment magazine, Heliopolis. Simple stuff, but wise.

In general beer biz news, here's an analysis questioning of the business of craft beer, as well as a clear breakdown of the three-tier system.(Although they sound dry, they are good reads.) The always delightful "Ask a Cicerone" column in Serious Eats shares what breweries to watch in 2014. Sadly, nothing in this region, but still some cool beers being brewed by some cool folks.

Never forget that breweries are job providers and economic engines for their areas. Great Lakes Brewing in Ohio City, Ohio is one such brewery. Here's a fun collaboration (from an awesome site) from Three Floyds and Surly. Huge growth was reported in off-premise beer sales (package stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, and the like.) in 2013.

I'm sure everyone's heard about this, but the newest Trappist brewery is in... Western MA. Massachusetts monks brewing beer like a boss.

And finally, a delightful rant by Sam Calagione which sticks it to annoying hipster craft beer fanboys.