The Ladies, They Love It!

Bayou Teche's collaboration with French brewery La Bambelle

I've been working with Propaganda New Orleans for a couple months - it's an opportunity to write more about what I really love and use a writing style and tone that I can't really use when writing my more newsy and reporting pieces. The piece, "Ladies Who Love Beer In What's (Traditionally) A Man's Man's Man's World," was published yesterday and I have gotten some great feedback from other women. It really seems that my words resonated with people and seeing that is so rewarding in a way that I wasn't expecting.

The experience has shown me that being a writer isn't just about selling my ideas and writing articles, but about people reading what I write. This is a huge revelation!

Sorry about the ego tweets, but seeing people quote my stuff because they agree with it makes me so happy!

In other "What I Wrote" news, here's my Where Y'At Year in Beer piece that's out this month.

Last week's Gambit column was on double/imperial IPAs brewed by local breweries, and this week's is on Mississippi's Southern Prohibition rolling out in New Orleans next week.

Speaking of rollouts, the folks from the Bruery have been in town. They were at Boucherie's delicious beer pairing event last night and will be at the Avenue Pub tonight. ( story and NO Defender story)

Laura McKnight over at catches up with breweries-in-waiting, while NO-Def's Sam Neil goes to the Northshore.

Oh! Laura also caught up with a couple dudes who are travelling the country to explore beers and beer culture from coast to coast. They also wrote up some stuff about their trip on their blog about NOLA Brewing, Abita, Tin Roof, and Bayou Teche. Another writer, Chelsea Brasted, wrote a piece on Tin Roof's expansion and upcoming tap room.

This is another piece on women in brewing over in the UK.

News from the BMC big boys: Big Sky sues A-B and wins; Miller brews a premium beer that is supposed to be served on the rocks like bourbon.

Fun stuff!