Busy Week; Big News

I was finally able to get my hands on the current issue of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture, where my article on the Avenue Pub has been published!

Note: I did not write the title

Love this picture!
This isn't available digitally, so go to Rouses or Barnes & Noble to check it out.

Bigger news: Cajun Fire Brewing won the New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week Big Idea crowdsourced pitch competition. The fact that Cajun Fire made it to the second round by being one of the top three to get the Big Idea event goers' votes is huge in terms of what that means for how craft beer and craft beer culture is perceived here.

This week is the Brooklyn Brewing MASH beer-food-cultural exchange. I went to the Dinner on the Farm event they held at the Grow Dat Youth Farm. The Brooklyn Brewing house chef, Andrew Gerson, collaborated with Eman Loubier from Dante's and Noodle & Pie to serve a delicious meal in a lovely setting (though the mosquitoes made it a little challenging.)



Jabari Brown, site manager of Grow Dat giving a tour of the farm



There's a bunch of cool events happening all week, check it out. I did an interview with Chef Andrew that was published on on Propaganda NOLA  - there's a link to the list of events there as well.

Also, 40 Arpent's official rollout is happening on Saturday, April 5 at 7:30pm at the Rusty Nail. The Rusty Nail is where I first met Michael Naquin and tried his beers 2? 3? years ago, so it's cool to come full circle on that.

Ooh! Founder's is releasing all this week at the Avenue Pub. Founders All Day IPA is up today, and stay tuned to future releases on the Avenue's Twitter feed.