Catching up, Courtyard Brewery, and Cocktail Week

This lady is dressed up in her finest birthday Fräulein wear (at NOOT), your argument is invalid.

Well, cats and kittens, it's been a crazy few weeks. After Louisiana Craft Brewers Week, I attended the National Beer Wholesalers Association's annual conference and then flew out to Denver to check out GABF. You can read a brief overview of those two events here, and I've got some photos of GABF up on Tumblr here.

Scott Wood at Courtyard Brewery, set to open this week

And things have been clicking along since my return! First and foremost, Courtyard Brewery is opening this week - Thursday, October 23, starting at 2pm. The fact that we have another brewery in New Orleans cannot be overstated in terms of its complete awesomeness. I know the local beer community has been waiting for Scott to open his doors, and it's finally, finally happening! Check my Gambit article linked above for more info, and hope to see you on Erato Street this weekend. (also, Eater aggregated the article).

NOLA Brewing art at NBWA

In other cool brewery news, I talked to Tom Conklin and confirmed that he and his business partner have become stakeholders in the Chappapeela pork and duck farm up on the northshore and their plan is to build a brewery for brewing farmhouse ales in a farmhouse. Hopefully it will be up an running in 2015.

Nathanial Zimet of Boucherie talking to New Belgium folks.
Possibly about making fish noodles.

I've been to New Belgium's beer dinner at Boucherie, a Seghesio wine dinner at Tujagues (which was really excellent), hosted a great and fun Girls Pint Out at Borgne, and attended the Gnarly Barley-Bite & Booze joint party, Gnarly Barley Q. You can check out some pictures I took here.

Pints Pub in Denver

I've been Tumblr-ing a lot of my links lately, it's just an easier platform to get them out there. So if you Tumbl, follow me! I will follow you back. And you'll get links to all my posts and stories.

Odell's beer sampler

Oh, speaking of linking stories, my Bayou Teche piece in All About Beer is finally up online. This is very super exciting! I hate it when I can't share my work online.

Also, it's Cocktail Week on Eater NOLA, so check it out! I've been busting my butt with interviews and such, and will have many stories up this week.