Saturday, November 1, 2014

Weekly beer roundup

All About Beer posted a roundup of beer writer and brewers, and other beer industry folks' takes on the New Yorker cover above. I'm one of the writers that's quoted, though with company like Sam Calagione, Greg Koch, Ray Daniels, and others, I don't know if anyone will notice! I don't mind though, it's an honor to be included in such a stellar lineup. Check it out though, it's a pretty interesting discussion.

In local news...

Last night there were a bunch of beer/local brewery events happening. I made it out to Courtyard Brewery for a Sierra Nevada Celebration, Great Raft At Arms Length IPL, and a 10% cask conditioned Saint Arnold Pumpkinator. Not surprisingly, I was ready for a nap after the Pumpkinator, which was actually pretty drinkable for a 10% beer AND for someone who generally hates pumpkin beer. I think the imperial stout style played well with the pumpkin and spices. And it was delicious at cellar temperature.

Speaking of nice casks, 40 Arpent brought over the last of their Deutches Haus Oktoberfest in a cask to Aline Street Beer Garden on Thursday night, which I thoroughly enjoyed. As did many others, 'cause it floated within an hour or so. The $2.50 cask pint price makes it quite attractive too. Anyway, the Oktoberfest was just dryhopped with Hallertau and it was so delicious.

While there, I was talking to 40 Arpent brewer-owner Michael Naquin and he said he's been working on an IPA but was quite cagey about the hops he's using. So that should be released in January, I think.

The Nora roundup of article posted this week:

Well, I'm gonna get back to my breakfast of egg nog and leftover Halloween candy, catch y'all later.

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