Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NOLA Brewing Funk Series bottles

Stopped by NOLA Brewing today to do some planning for the Brooklyn Mash panel discussion, The State of Craft Beer, that I'm introducing (check out my bio photo here, it's hilarious yet awesome.)

While there, I saw all four new bomber bottles for the NOLA Funk series for Lowerline, Sauvage, Arabella, and Piety.

[Update 3/12: My bad! The bottles at the brewery are the prototypes, and have not been filled yet. The first big batch of beer from the new sour facility, Lowerline, will be available in about 3-4 weeks. That will be followed by Sauvage, Piety, then Arabella. All should be out in bottles in the next few months. Sorry, there's still a little while to wait.]

I also found out a little bit about a lambic that Derek is brewing as a "Tricentenni-ale" for the New Orleans Tricentennial in 2018, which they are thinking they'll call Napoleon, to fit in with the Funk series tradition of naming the beers for local streets. Hard to think about having to wait for three years!

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