Sunday, July 19, 2015

Oh, man

Hey, have you checked out Commander Palace's beer and BBQ prix fixe dinner yet? Only in July.

I'm here at the 2015 Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference in Asheville NC, listening to lots of people talk about how important it is to keep your blog updated with fresh content.

And my most recent post is from American Craft Beer Week in early May.

That's bad.

I guess I now think of my blog as secondary to my freelance work, but I shouldn't. This is where I can write whatever the hell I want, right? Maybe I've forgotten how to do that.

Is there anyone out there reading this anymore, I wonder? If so, what do you want to see here? I'd love to discuss more indepth some topics that editors tend to shy away from, like local zoning laws and how city and state regulation is hurting the brewing industry in Louisiana.

Or maybe I can just write a series of dreamy, fangirly love letters to Kim Jordan, CEO and co-founder of New Belgium? No? Creepy? Yeah.

I'll be writing about Asheville and the conference in the very near future, as I tend to do every year, but I guess I need to find the inspiration to find the next chapter in my blog life.


  1. still reading! there's so little conversation around beer down here i think you should keep writing! i would love to see some pieces about the various gulf coast brewers and the new breweries popping up in new orleans. i think some comparison with northerns brewers, and the styles and influences on southern brewing would be very cool!

  2. As a new reader as of BBC, I'd love to hear topical content (what's with session IPAs anyway?) or more about the actual act of writing. But maybe that's just me...