It's that time of year...

As we stand on the edge of Louisiana Craft Brewers Week, let us think of the breweries that have joined the ranks since this time last year - Courtyard Brewery, Mudbug Brewing. Broken Wheel, Flying Heart, Second Line, and Cajun Brewing - and rejoice.

Let us also keep an eye out on my constantly updating LaCBW calendar of events (breweries and bars/retailers who see this: let me know if there's something new happening next week and I'll get it up there!)

Also, the outside coverage of said week (mostly mine, but also a couple from Advocate and as well):

Check out my article and schedule of events in the Gambit, and an in-depth look at two of the beer/food pairings happening this week - a beer-doughnut pairing at Courtyard Brewery on 9/13 and a seafood-NOLA Funk sour beer pairing at GW Fins on 9/16.

Also, Ian McNulty got in the game, doing a write up for the Advocate! Way to go!

Check out Laura McKnight's writeup and schedule today on 

Enjoy next week!


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