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Hey, all - I didn't do my post of the week last week because I wasn't feeling well at all so things got a little FUBARed. However, one of the things I was working on was pulling the schedule together for Louisiana Craft Brewers Weekend, happening September 12-19, which will run in the Gambit next week. (In the meanwhile, you can peep the schedule here. Let me know if you know of any corrections, updates, or cancellations.)

In other news, my All About Beer Magazine piece got put up online, and Beer Advocate released the cover of this month's issue, and the cover story (Family Brewed) is my story!

That's Oscar Wong and his daughter Leah from Highland Brewing on the cover. I had so much fun interviewing them when I was in Asheville in July. Isn't that a great picture? (No, it's not mine. You can tell because it's super awesome.)

While I'm aggregating recent links of my own work, check out my writeups of World of Beer Warehouse District and Second Line Brewing opening as well as the newest Eater Beer Heatmap and where to get cheap (or free) beer.

And a non-beer related interview with Anne Kearney (who used to own a much lauded  and much missed restaurant here called Peristyle and returned last week to cook with one of her protegees, Kristen Essig), just because I'm pleased with it.

OK! Real content will be coming up soon, my plan is to get back to my Friday Blogday schedule. So see you back here in a couple of days.