Happy Monday, y'all - it's been a little crazy getting ready for the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference being held in Philadelphia the first week of May. But I've been getting stuff up and published, including two pieces on, the web content arm of the Brewers Association.

Having them published back to back is cool, but gets complicated considering that if I get a certain number of Facebook shares I get a social media bonus. So I've been dividing my pimping time between the two pieces, and as a result, the numbers have been climbing pretty slowly.

I think they're both great pieces, check 'em out and see.

3 Overlooked Beer Styles to Pair with Food, in which I examine three different beer styles that are scientifically proven to pair well with certain foods. I discuss the whats and whys of that, based on a cool panel/forum I attended at last year's CBC composed of both beer and science nerds.

Cask Ale’s Journey Into the Modern Beer World has been a labor of love for me for over a year. now I submitted it elsewhere and it wasn't what the editors were looking for at that time. I interviewed a half a dozen brewers as well as beer bar owners and cask ale aficionados, took all that research, and wrote a piece about what cask ale is, historically, what it's evolving into, the success of each approach, and some basic do's and don'ts about the logistics of creating, storing, transporting, and serving cask conditioned beer.

Give them a read, and if you like them, please consider sharing on Facebook, using the icons that sit atop the article headline, like so: 

That way the little numbers there will increase and once it hits 400 by May 20, I get my bonus.

It takes a village to feed a beer writer, people! Thanks in advance - I'm very proud of both pieces and really do believe they are worthy of sharing. 


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