Prepping for LaCBW BRB

Part of NOLA Brewing taproom's awesome mural, created by Monica Kelly (photographed by moi.)

So, occasionally there's something that occurs in the local beer world that I end up needing to cover from several different angles for several different publications. Louisiana Craft Brewer Week is one of those things. It takes place September 18-25 and since there's so much happening - events, beer releases, etc. - it's an opportunity to tell multiple stories on the same general subject. I need to be careful I'm not plagiarizing myself! The fact that one piece is for a publication geared for locals and one is geared for tourists is pretty helpful in that regard.

I am hoping that once we get closer to the week (and things calm down a bit for me, deadline-wise) I will be able to do my online, up-to-date LaCBW schedule on this website for people to consult as they plan their week of locally brewed beer.

I kind of really like LaCBW. It's not as huge and flashy as ACBW, but it quietly but proudly takes a moment to showcase the beer scene here - where it is now, how far it's come, and where it's going. And that's a nice opportunity for all of us - consumers, brewers, bar owners, and even writers - to take stock.

I was asked the other day about my thoughts on there being a brewery/local beer bubble that's going to pop. I really don't think we're in any danger of that happening in the near future (~5 years). People are thirsty for good beer. Will there be a shakeout of mediocre beer as more local beer shows up to provide competition? Sure, but that's not a bubble bursting, that's just brewing Darwinism.

Looking forward to celebrate Louisiana beer and the men and women who make it and get it into our glass.

(Also, I had a weird dream last night that the House of Blues was hosting Zwanze Day and were doing two different sized pours - the regular size and the "ladies size." Man, I woke up so mad. Fortunately, reality set in quickly - Zwanze Day will be at the Avenue Pub on October 1st and should prove to be a great time and well-organized event, as always.)


  1. This time there is a good beer too :)
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