Content is King

So this blog got a couple of shoutouts in the last week or so. 

First off, I was notified that I made the list of 100 best beer blogs as compiled by Feedspot (an aggregation site). #99 baybee! 99, heh.

Badass Bayou Teche brewer, owner, and writer Karlos Knott included me in a recent roundup of Louisiana sources for beer news in Lafayette-area publication The Advertiser. Also included was Brenton (who I will someday call by his actual name when in his physical presence. Not Brandon! Not Brendan!) Day's Ale Runner as well as Abita Director of Operations Jaime Jurado's Facebook feed. (seriously, friend that dude.) It was lovely to be acknowledged, I won't lie. Usually I'm the one writing about other people so it's kind of a trip when I'm written about.
Nora is a transplant from Massachusetts. I met her and her husband, Tom, at one of the very first beer events I ever attended after we opened our brewery almost seven years ago at a beer dinner at the Cochon restaurant in New Orleans. 
Nora and Tom had just moved to The Big Easy, and we were seated at the same table and we talked about beer all night. Shortly after, Nora started writing a beer blog, and now also writes articles for several local and national publications. Her writing focuses largely on the Louisiana beer scene and events in New Orleans.
I've been doing some fun writing with Thrillist - for whatever reason they're going in a longform feature mode (as opposed to its trademark lists.) So I started with "The Changing Landscape of NOLA Breweries" and then did a cool history of New Orleans cocktails.

Oh! Upcoming events: Boudin Bourbon and Beer on November 4 and Brooklyn Brewery's MASH on November 17-20. 

Also, I just found out I'll be attending Sierra Nevada's "Beer Camp" in Asheville, which is basically a brew day for non-brewer beer professionals. (As opposed to the big official one that involves actual brewers, distributed beer, and events all over the country.) I guess we'll (the group) decide on a style ahead of time and then go brew it. We shall see how that goes. I'll definitely report back on the experience.