Happy New Year and all that

Had a lot of fun this week.

On Thursday, I went to Second Line Brewing to try their new beer, an imperial rye IPA (!!!!!!!!!) (I love rye beer, in case you're new here) Alryte, Alryte, Alryte. The beer is delicious, packs a punch, and I got to hand out with the brewers from Second Line and Courtyard Brewery as well as folks from Crescent Crown, NOLA Brew Bus, and 504 Craft Beer Reserve.

The times had were fun, and I can't recommend this beer enough. Please do try it.

Friday, I joined up with the city's newest beer bus tour, NOLA Brews Cruise. I was able to tag along on the company's first tour with six dudes in town for a bachelor party. Although I was initially wary, these dudes were so sweet and into beer and just all on board with the experience. Their collective enthusiasm was contagious and I was able to shed my jaded and sleepy exterior and have a good time.

I felt like the queen of the beer nerds! Since that's a title I'm basically chasing every day, it was a really good night.

Beers of general excellence tonight: Urban South's new Coop'd Up Farmhouse Ale (as well as the limited taproom tart version); Scops Scotch Ale at Wayward Owl; and of course the always excellent Sonic Youth in 1983 IPA at Courtyard Brewery. (Hey, did y'all know they're doing an IPA festival on April 20?)

Anyway, it was just a couple of low key, random occasions that were made awesome by great beer and good company. And that's why I love doing what I do in this awesome city.

And then I get to go home and share a couple of beers with the husband while listening to ALL the old-school They Might Be Giants. So a pretty good couple of days, which I sorely needed.