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Solstice Events

Moving on from my umpteenth mid-life crisis, (which is still real but doesn't do much good to keep focusing on it) today is the winter solstice meaning that every day for the next 6 months will be longer and brighter. It's a comforting metaphor going into a new year.

Tonight, there are two cool beer events happening:

2017 was a tough year, y'all

I have a few assignments for various publications due the first week of January, and I'm slogging through the motions to get on top of them before Christmas week, when I'll be out of town.  Instead, all I can do is scroll through Twitter and despair. That's pretty much been my year. In the run up to the 2016 election, I was cautious and quiet about my liberal leanings, worried about my "brand" in a white male dominated industry in a conservative geographic area. Now, I'm not super loud and proud about it, but that's because I'm tired and afraid and feeling beat down about the political process and priorities of this government.