Switching over

I'm working on a new website that will be less beer-focused and more inclusive of my other work. Beer will be part of that, of course - but it's time to grow up, I guess. I'll post once that change is happening.

Beer! Food! Cocktails! Culture! Travel! All the things! Here are a few snippets that I've had published as of late...

What do you say to someone who’s lost everything? That was literally the first question I asked Rob Kent, head brewer at Bear Republic Brewing Company, who had just lost his home and all of his possessions to the wildfires that raged through Northern California in October. The Broadmoor neighborhood of New Orleans was fought for and hard won in the months after flooding from Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures. A “green dot” designation suggested that the neighborhood be razed and turned into a park, but Broadmoor residents and businesses organized and rebuilt despite City Hall’s pessimism. More than a dozen years later, that spirit of community provides fertile ground for New Orleanians to create and connect.

Coquette’s Kristen Essig and partner Michael Stoltzfus are still in the early stages of planning their next project, Thalia, but she knows they’ll be taking their cues from the residents of the Lower Garden District neighborhood. Thalia is the former corner bar Shamrock on Constance and Thalia streets, and was the last segregated bar in New Orleans. “We’re very excited about making it a place welcome to everyone, as it should be,” Essig says.